Simple Personal Hygiene

Hi, there. Before we delve into what you should already be doing since this is simple personal hygiene, let me give you a short backstory to keep you motivated and interested in taking care of yourself. When I was a little kid, my personal hygiene wasn’t that great. In fact it was rather bad. I did not shower often at all, very rarely did I shower back to back days. I really hated showering, and avoided it at any cost. This was OK until I went through puberty, and going more than one day without expert consulting was completely unacceptable. Since then, I have accepted that I have to shower often even if I don’t like it. I still don’t enjoy showering, but now I shower once daily. I’m not overly strict on what time I shower, I do it whenever I need to. For example, if I just went to the park to play basketball with some friends, then I’ll do my daily shower when I get home. Anyways, the point is that anyone can become a better care taker of themselves, no matter what the current situation is.

As stated before, you should shower at least once a day, twice if necessary for sports or what ever other reason, but it’s not required to be healthy and clean. Brushing your teeth is not only so they don’t smell! Don’t just brush your teeth once in the morning before work or school and be done with them. You have to brush at least twice a day, or your teeth will start to get a yellowish tint to them and you will notice that they are not healthy. Gum should be a last resort, not a habit that you use to cover up your poor oral health. You are only making your teeth worse if you don’t take good care of them, and this means flossing, using mouth wash, etc.

Another big component of personal hygiene is washing your clothes often. Don’t re-wear clothes that are in the dirty bin unless you absolutely have to. Also, I’ve noticed that many people forget about washing their towels on a regular basis when it comes to wash day. Towels are used to dry yourself off after you are dirty, so they get some of that dirt on them after you shower, and as a result, they need to be washed occasionally, probably as often as you wash your clothes, which is probably once a week. That is fine for towels, just make sure that you are not forgetting about them, because they will have an effect on your personal hygiene.

Lastly, when it comes to personal hygiene, don’t make excuses. If you’re the type of person that contemplates the worth of everything before doing it, you should stop. Don’t make excuses for why it’s not necessary to brush your teeth twice a day, just try it out and see the benefits for your self.